Hydrogen Embrittlement Creo UK

Creo UK is a national civil engineering and building company, based in south Wales, with a dedication to improving the construction industry and a focus on renewable hydrogen power systems, and passive buildings and renewable energy systems.


The Challenge

Creo UK sought to prevent embrittlement of the steel in their large hydrogen storage tanks. Developing new technologies for storing hydrogen for a Net Zero economy.


Our Research

SaMI’s expertise in high intensity corrosion resistance, along with its unique facilities, enabled the testing of new coatings to ensure the safety and longevity of Creo’s storage tanks.

A strategy was formed to carry out testing to assess how the steel may degrade. Our team provided Creo with steel samples to test on an uncoated  and coated basis, with the uncoated samples acting as the control. 


Solutions and Results

Our test research results resulted in completion of Creo’s Phase 1 testing and a final report. We provided expert analysis through regular communication giving Creo a thorough understanding of their new product’s performance. 

This first phase will enable Creo to ,ake design decisions about the coatings inside the tank to store the hydrogen without causing degradation or damage.



SaMI helped Creo UK develop an internal coating system to prevent embrittlement of the steel in their large steel hydrogen storage tanks. Working closely with Creo UK we developed an internal coating system to prevent embrittlement of the steel in their large steel hydrogen storage tanks.

Accessing SaMI’s facility, capability and expertise allows SMEs such as Creo UK the opportunity to research this data that would otherwise be unavailable to them. 


Industrial Decarbonisation

New, sustainable uses for hydrogen have the potential to solve the lack of fossil fuel resources, and is a potential solution to the environment pollutions contributing towards the climate crisis. SaMI is supporting Creo to develop practical hydrogen storage tanks that can be used widely, and therefore supporting the drive to a circular economy and a greener steel and metals industry.

SaMI also supported Creo with the submission of Innovate UK grants and Creo is now commencing Phase 2 testing, working closely with SaMI to develop the research that has already been undertaken.

“We would have no hesitation is using, working with or collaborating with the SaMI team again on steel or hydrogen projects.”


Thanks to contributor Neil Jenkins Creo Group

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