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    We are an open access centre delivering innovation through partnerships.

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    Our facilities enable process simulation and asset integrity testing of materials at very high temperatures in reactive gas environments such as hydrogen, carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide

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    We specialise in high temperature, bespoke solutions that aim to revolutionise and decarbonise the steel and metals industry

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    We’re looking at ensuring the infrastructure is in place to support the transition to hydrogen as a cleaner, greener fuel

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    We create unique research partnerships with UK steel and metals producers, suppliers and end-users

Steel and metals innovation and decarbonisation

SaMI is an open access facility supporting steel and metals innovation

Our team design and implement bespoke research to provide practical research solutions. We have the right combination of expertise, skills and knowledge, equipment capability, and an adaptable environment to make this happen. We create professional research and innovation partnerships, developing strong collaborations with industry through confidentiality, trust and an ability to listen.

Founded at Swansea University to help the steel and metals industry and supply chain decarbonise through lower carbon products and processes, reduced carbon emissions, and creation of a circular economy, we now focus our research and innovation expertise on the broader challenge of industrial decarbonisation.

Our professional industry partnership provides versatile, bespoke support

We listen to companies to determine how best to support research and innovation. We’re flexible, adaptable and physically bring together an extensive network of academic specialists and industrial innovators.

We develop directly funded projects with companies for specific research as well as collaborative research applications requiring industry-university collaboration. 

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  • Creo started manufacturing large steel hydrogen storage tanks and approached SaMI to test its designs for an internal coating system to prevent embrittlement of the steel in the tanks, in order to make them safer with longer lifespans. A strategy was formed, regular meetings were held and a final report was compiled. During this time, SaMI collaborated with us in the submission of Innovative UK grants and despite lengthy applications, tight deadlines were adhered to on each occasion. We would have no hesitation is using, working with or collaborating with the SaMI team again on steel or hydrogen projects.

    Neil Jenkins BSc MRICS, Director, Creo Group
  • Mike Dowd has considerable expertise and experience and, uniquely, supplies a full results analysis with valuable insight. Between British Steel and Tata Steel we have worked closely with Mike to develop an updated test program to better replicate the reduction conditions in a modern blast furnace practice with both high coal and high gas injection rates. The standard of the work and analysis carried out by SaMI has been of the highest quality.

    Peter Warren, Development Metallurgist, British Steel
  • Mike Dowd’s thorough understanding of the field of high intensity corrosion resistance has enabled the adoption of a range of testing criteria. Only working closely with SaMI would this testing be possible. This has afforded us the benefit of understanding the product’s performance to a more detailed level. We are extremely thankful SaMI’s approach allows an SME like us to have the option to research this data.

    Dr. Chris Weirman, Technology Director, Wall Colmonoy Ltd