Welsh industry’s green future

Industry in Wales is becoming greener by exploring sustainable solutions and establishing a circular economy.

Industry has long played a crucial role in global economic development. As concerns over climate change and resource depletion grow we are exploring ways to make industry in Wales more sustainable.

Through collaboration, adopting innovative technologies, optimising processes, and prioritising circularity, we can pave the way for a green economy and a net zero society.


Scrap and green alternatives

One of the primary steps toward sustainability in the steel industry for example, is utilising scrap and embracing green alternatives. At SaMI we’ve researched sustainable solutions such as using hydrogen as a fuel for furnaces.

We’re researching utilising scrap metal in industry. This is a means to recycle products that already exist within the supply chain, contributing towards a circular economy. Integrating these methods, carbon heavy industries such as steel can minimise their carbon footprint. In doing so, they are critical to establishing a strong, green economy in Wales.


Resource efficiency 

Resource efficiency is crucial for sustainable industry. By implementing efficient recycling and scrap management practices we reduce our reliance on virgin materials. Harnessing the use of scrap and recycled steel not only saves energy but also minimises waste. This could avoid almost 5 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent from entering the earth’s atmosphere each year.

Transitioning to a circular economy is a game-changer for industrial decarbonisation. By rethinking product lifecycles, manufacturers can facilitate the re-use, re-manufacturing, and recycling of products. Encouraging product design for recyclability and promoting closed-loop supply chains can significantly reduce the demand for primary steel production for example.

By focusing on resource efficiency and closing the loop, we can help industry to minimise its impact on natural resources, conserve energy, decrease scrap and waste generation and reduce its environmental impact.


Sustainable industry

Driving sustainability in industry requires collaboration and innovation.

Our collaboration with industry and academia can accelerate the development and adoption of sustainable solutions. We are working with producers, suppliers and end-users, exploring new materials, alternative processes and cleaner technologies. 

The journey toward sustainability requires a comprehensive approach that involves collaboration between stakeholders across the supply chain.


Net Zero Wales

Transforming industry to be more sustainable is an opportunity. Developing a strong, sustainable manufacturing sector for a green economy will be essential for a net zero Wales.

By working together and embracing innovation, industry can overcome sustainability challenges and be pivotal in driving Wales towards net zero. With concerted efforts and a commitment to change, we can pave the way for a greener and more sustainable manufacturing industry. This will accelerate industrial decarbonisation and a green economy bringing about a bright future for Wales.


Contributor Megan Chick

July 2023

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