Replacing coal

Fawaz Ojobowale looked at replacing coal with alternative non-fossil fuel sources.

I used SINTEC’s multiple gas capabilities for my research on small scale materials by way of thermogravimetric analysis. I focused on replacing coal with alternative non-fossil fuel sources like waste plastics, paper and textiles that would otherwise go to dump sites.


Net zero materials

I concentrated on the field of net zero materials in my industrial research project at SaMI. I collaborated with TATA Steel who supplied raw materials and specialised equipment training.

A partial substitution of coal by waste paper and plastics will go a long way in addressing industry’s reliance on fossil fuels. The potential impact of my research for the steel industry is savings on carbon tax and more importantly, less emissions to the environment as the proposed materials have a low carbon.


Capabilities and expertise

SaMI’s staff are adept in various fields. I used SaMI’s Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) and gas handling working closely with the team who have significant expertise in these areas. 

The team are hands on and receptive to my ideas, helping me bring those ideas to life and circumventing logistical problems. For example, when I needed an airtight furnace the team provided a nitrogen gas line which displaces air and an oxygen sensor which indicates the level of air.

SaMI’s oxygen sensor was very pivotal to my torrefaction experiment. It meant I could say with a level of confidence that my samples were in an inert environment. This wouldn’t have been possible without the input and support from the team at SaMI.

Working so closely with the team at SaMI has been instrumental in the way I approach multi-disciplinary work.


Contributor Fawaz Ojobowale

September 2022

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