Bespoke industry net zero solutions

Developing bespoke research and innovation solutions addressing industry’s net zero targets.

We are an open access and on-demand bespoke facility developing collaborative research with industry partners. We develop bespoke research that delivers real practical solutions that help industry in Wales transition to net zero. We achieve this through a combination of the right equipment and the team’s expertise in devising ways to make adaptations to this equipment.

Our highly skilled team of academic and industrial experts have years of experience in steel and metals. Their knowledge is extensive. But their expertise is more than the sum of this accumulated industry and academic knowledge. 


Bespoke adaptations 

Our uniqueness lies in the team’s ability to innovate how equipment can be used and modified. We’re looking at solving problems in new ways. In our labs, the team conceive ways to adapt existing machinery, making small changes to tweak how equipment operates and really focusing in on an issue. We tap down, looking at something in a specific and unique way that it hasn’t been looked at before.

We have standard pieces of equipment, but as we innovate and adapt them, we can take on bespoke requests for research. We have the adaptable environment, the people and the kit. We research design, test, simulate and analyse alternative processes that really help deliver practical solutions for industry.


Bespoke solutions

The kind of innovative research we are focusing on is solution-based. Our research identifies and solves the problems industry have. We focus on delivering research that is then applied by industry.

Our goal is to give industry solutions that have impact and improve their business by providing solutions that can be used here and now.  As well as for the future in net zero manufacturing and materials for a green economy. Decarbonisation targets pose a real challenge for industry. We’re using our research expertise, working together with industry, identifying the issues, and delivering those real practical solutions.

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Contributor Cat Wilkins

Updated January 2024

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