Casting innovation

Dr Zak Abdallah’s book discusses innovative techniques to support the steel and metals research community

Becoming editor-in-chief and providing academic support to the steel and metals industry is an honour. It is an opportunity for me to contribute to steel and metals research through my expertise in casting and modelling.

The book provides novel techniques to support the steel and metals research community in various casting processes and models and discusses the issues and possible solutions. This ties in with the work we do at SaMI where we are focusing on delivering practical solutions.


Steel and metals solutions

I linked this publication SaMI’s steel and metals research in materials development and casting. Casting Processes and Modelling of Metallic Materials explores the various casting and modelling activities related to metallic alloy systems. 

Over the years various models have been proposed and utilised to predict the performance of castings. Some models prove to be accurate whereas others failed to predict the casting performance. The strength of any predictive tool depends on the employment of physically meaningful parameters that replicate the actual performance. We cover this in the form of predictive models and finite element (FE) modelling to illustrate the behaviour of castings in real-life conditions.


Steel and metals network

The role of an academic editor-in-chief is exciting and challenging. I met several academics including Professor John Campbell, a British engineer and one of the world’s leading experts in the casting industry. He has shown a real interest in the steel and metals research and innovation carried out at SaMI. 

The book ‘Casting Processes and Modelling of Metallic Materials is published worldwide and was downloaded hundreds of times within a month of publication.

The experience enriched my experience in casting processes and materials development whilst expanding my network of steel and metals experts from all over the globe. It has enriched my knowledge in this area of research as well as my capability as an academic researcher. It was an outstanding experience for me to utilise my expertise in the field and expand my network across the steel and metals research community.


Contributor Dr Zak Abdullah

March 2021

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