Net zero manufacturing and material

SaMI has become a hub for academics and researchers to undertake innovative research with a real focus on net zero manufacturing and materials for the steel and metals industry. This is through a combination of having the right kit that can be adapted and the expertise to devise ways to make these adaptations.


We have a highly skilled team of academic and industrial experts in our labs with years of experience in steel and metals. Their knowledge is extensive. But their expertise is more than the sum of this accumulated industry and academic knowledge. It’s also the team’s ability to innovate how equipment can be used and modified to look at solving problems in new ways.

The team conceive ways to adapt existing machinery. They will make small changes to tweak how equipment operates to really focus in on an issue. To tap down into looking at something in a specific and unique way, and in a new way it hasn’t been looked at before.

We have standard pieces of equipment in our facility, however that doesn’t restrict us from taking on bespoke requests for research. If we can adapt pieces of kit, then we will do that.


Practical bespoke solutions for industry

We have the adaptable environment, the people and the kit, with capacity for research to design, test, simulate and analyse alternative processes that can really help deliver practical solutions for industry.

The kind of innovative research we are focused on in SaMI is solution-based – our research must identify and solve the problems industry have. We are focused on delivering that research that can be applied by industry.

We want to give industry something that will impact and improve their business. We want to provide solutions that can be used here and now as well as for the future around net zero manufacturing and materials.

Decarbonisation targets do pose a real challenge for industry. We have the research expertise to help tackle it, but we do need to work together with industry to identify the issues and deliver those real practical solutions.


Regional collaboration

Through collaborative research activity with industry we can really have an impact in net zero manufacturing and materials.

There is a real regional strength in iron and steelmaking in south Wales. As an on-demand bespoke facility we are developing collaborative research with our steel industry. That includes steel producers, the supply chain and end-users such as automotive, energy and construction companies. We are reaching out to that regional network to help them tackle the challenge of net zero manufacturing and materials.

We have a strong network across the region when it comes to the steel industry. And there is an element of being in this together. To work together to develop advanced materials and help decarbonise the process that makes them.

We have the multidisciplinary experts and we have the facility. Working collaboratively with industry we can identify and develop innovative, practical solutions.

We are an open access facility created to support steel, metals and the wider industries in Wales transition to net zero manufacturing and materials – contact us to discuss collaborative research opportunities.


Contributed by Cat Wilkins, October 2021.

Cat Wilkins is marketing communications manager for the Steel and Metals Institute at Swansea University.

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